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Online help does not replace the built-in ScanDir Help, but it complements the help information contained within ScanDir. Online help is the place to go for the latest news about ScanDir, read about recently implemented and planned changes. It provides additional and/or updated information about the functions and features of ScanDir. Learn how to use ScanDir by looking at the screen prints, read the How to section and view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

About ScanDir
ScanDir is a computer program designed for desktop PC's with a Microsoft Windows operating system. It's primary purpose is to assist in file and folder management. Use the search argument to find files and/or folders with specific characteristics. The files and folders found are presented in a search result list (item list). The search results can be exported to a text file, printed or used to Delete, Copy, Move or Rename.

ScanDir 1.3.2 - Release Notes
The current release of Scandir is available since March 18, 2018. ScanDir Version 1.3.2 fixes a few bugs from previous versions, adds support for Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit edition), UTF-8 Unicode, Regular Expressions (in the search argument) and has an updated directory Tree navigation (includes hidden and system files).

Recent updates:
+ Fixed: Zoom floating preview image (instead of scrolling items);
+ Fixed: Show USB drives in Drive List;
+ Fixed: Show hidden directories (starting with '.');
+ Fixed: Suppress superfluous confirmation popups;
+ Fixed: Create directory from root;
+ Added: Calculate directory size (incl. sub directories);
+ Added: Additional / more detailed log messages;
+ Added: Directory info added to File info;
+ Added: Quick Rename using Template;
+ Added: Usability enhancements;

For an overview of all changes see: History

ScanDir beta 1.3.3
A new build of ScanDir beta 1.3.3 can be downloaded for testing. For more information goto: ScanDir beta 1.3.3

What's next...
For the long term, ScanTFS is planned. ScanTFS is the new name for ScanDir Version 2.0 and will be based upon the code from ScanDir Version 1.3.3 (which will remain supported for the time beeing). Rarely used functions (e.g. Join/Split and Print) from ScanDir will be removed. Internal processing will be optimezed and the user interface will be updated.

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