This website, Skybird.NET, contains information about the following software programs: ScanDir, ScanTFS and HashTFS. There is general information, documentation and help information. This is also the place where you can download ScanDir, ScanTFS and HashTFS. The programs on this website are intended for Windows® desktop and laptop PC.

ScanDir is a free file and folder maintenance application.
ScanTFS is a free file and folder maintenance application.
HashTFS is a free file verification application.

ScanDir and ScanTFS provide various functions for file and folder management. They can be used to create a list of files and/or folders using multiple selection criteria (date, time, size, extension, string, mask or regular expression). The files (and folders) in this list can be Renamed, Deleted, Copied or Moved. ScanTFS is the successor of ScanDir. It is based on the code of ScanDir but some less used functions have been removed while other functions have been optimized. For more information goto ScanDir Homepage or ScanTFS Homepage.

HashTFS is a file verification program. Use HashTFS to generate and verify hash values for a list of files. For more information goto HashTFS Homepage

ScanDir Version 1.3.5 is the latest stable release.

The performance issue with the copy/move dialog in version 1.3.4 as well as other known bugs have been fixed. Apart from some minor usability improvements no new functionality has been added. Visit the ScanDir Homepage for more information on the latest improvements or click the following links to download the portable (.zip) or Windows installer (.exe) version:

- portable format ( with 32-bit and 64-bit program

- windows installer (scandir135_install.exe) for x86 or x64 platform

ScanTFS and HashTFS are still under development.

Progress is reported here and here.

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