Skybird.NET is the home of Skybird communications, ScanDir and ScanTFS. ScanTFS is based on ScanDir version 1.3.4 with less often used functions removed to ease usage and maintenance. ScanTFS is still under development, progress is reported here.

ScanDir PC is a freeware file and folder maintenance application for desktop PC's running a Microsoft Windows® Operating System. ScanDir has various functions for file and directory manipulation. One can use it to create a list of files and folders based upon various selection criteria (date, time, size, extension, string, mask or regular expression). A group of files and folders can be Renamed, Deleted, Copied or Moved. For more information about ScanDir, goto the ScanDir Home. If you already know ScanDir and need specific information visit ScanDir Help.

ScanDir Version 1.3.4 is the latest stable release.

This update of ScanDir has fixes for known problems, adds night mode themes, has a re-designed 'all-in-one' Rename dialog and can be up to 30% faster (depending on your configuration) than version 1.3.3. Visit the ScanDir homepage for more information or click the following links to download the portable (.zip) or Windows installer (.exe) version:

- portable format ( with 32-bit and 64-bit program

- windows installer (scandir134_install.exe) installs the x86 or x64 program

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