beta 1.3.4 

ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1416

ScanDir 1.3.4

ScanDir 1.3.4
+ Added: Dark themes for nightmode.
+ Fixed: Removed 'dead' button in floating (pre)View window.
+ Fixed: RegEx problem with File path/name/extension setting.

Windows 10 Security version 1.309.1077.0 reports: Threat detected on ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1413 (x64 version only) Windows reports Trojan:Win32/Detplock. Files have been submitted to Microsoft for further investigation and Microsoft has removed the Security Protection detection. More info....

ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1416 has been released. Build 1416 is identical to build 1413, only the build number changed, but Windows 10 no longer issues a Security Protection warning after changing the build number.

ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1416 -- Installation (Portable format)

Download and unzip to the location where you want to store ScanDir. Since this is a beta version of ScanDir, I recommend not to use your ScanDir program directory, but use a temporary directory instead! The following files will be extracted:
scandir64.exe (64-bit executable),
scandir.exe (32-bit executable),
scandir.chm (help file)


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