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HashTFS file verification utility

There are several reasons why you would like to know if files have been modified, or not. Modified files could be an indication of a security breach, a computer virus or infection with ransomware. Identical files could indicate (illegal) duplicates: copyright violation, license issues etc. By verifying / comparing the checksum of files you can not only tell if a file has been modified, it can also be used to discover identical files.

One way to check if a file has been modified is to calculate a checksum for that file. When the content of the file is altered, its checksum will also change. It also works the other way round: two files that are identical will have the same hash value. HashTFS can calculate the checksum (hash value or digest) for a list of files as well as verify the checksum for those files. This way you can tell wether the content of a file has been altered or if a file is a (illegal) copy of a file you own.

Supported hash functions

There are several ways to compute a checksum (digest). HashTFS supports three popular hash functions to generate or validate a checksum: MD5, SHA1 and SHA2.

An MD5 hash is still used a lot to verify the integrity of files, it is however considered less secure these days.

SHA1 is the successor of MD5 but today it is not used very often anymore because it does not meet the current cybersecurity standards.

SHA2 was developed after successful brute force attacks on SHA1. HashTFS supports two implementations of SHA2: SHA2/256 and SHA2/512. SHA2/256 uses 32-byte words and produces a 256 bit digest, where SHA2/512 uses 64-byte words which result in a 512 bit hash value. SHA2/256 is faster on 32-bit computers where SHA2/512 tends to be faster on 64-bit hardware. In terms of secuity there is not much difference between the two.

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