[Load] Load an existing file list.
[Calculate] Calculate hash value for files but preserve existing hash values.
[Verify] Check hash values.
[SHA2/256] Select a hash function from drop-down list.
[ ] re-calculate existing hash. When checked [V] a new hash value is generated, even if one already exists.
[ ] re-calculate verify Failed. When checked [V] a new hash value is generated for all files where verify FAILED .
[ ] Remove files not found. When checked [V] files NOT FOUND are removed from the file list before it is saved.
[Save] Save file list to a new or an existing textfile.
[Exit] Close HashTFS.
[STOP] Stop calculate or verify.

File list
Filename Filename, including drive and full pathname.
Status File status after calculate or verify.
Date Date of last function (calculate or verify).
Time Time of last function (calculate or verify).
Function Hash function.
Value Hash result (digest).

The counters contain the number of files with a specific status. You can click on a counter to filter the file list by status.

All files Total number of files in the file list
File not found Files that cound not be located.
Calculated Files for whcih a hash value was (re)calculated.
Passed Files that we checked and had a matching hash value.
Skipped Files that were skipped during a verify because they did not have a (previously calculated) hash value.
Failed Files that were checked and for which the hash value changed.
Function error A hash function is not supported.

The statusbar the bottom of the screen displays (left to right):
Total files Number of files in the file list;
Calculated or Verified files Nuber of files Calculated or Verified;
Total time Total processing time of Calculate of Verify;
Filename Filename of the last file loaded or saved;

Please note:The number of files Verified should equal the number of files Passed plus the number of files Failed.

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