File list

The file list is a text file used to keep track of the files and their corresponding hash values.

File list layout


Filename Filename, including path;
Status File status;
Date Date of last function (yyyy-mm-dd);
Time Time of last function (hh:mm:ss-ttt);
Function Hash function: MD5, SHA1, SHA2/256 or SHA2/512
Value Hash result (digest);

Individual fields are separated (delimited) by a semicolon (;). When HashTFS is used for the first time, the file list must at least contain the filename of the files that have to be checked. Status, Date, Time, Function and Value are added by HashTFS. An initial file list can be created manually, using a standard (UTF-8) text editor. To generate a file list with ScanDir or ScanTFS use the following options when saving the file list:

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