beta 1.3.5 

ScanDir beta 1.3.5 build 3712 ( jump to download section )

ScanDir 1.3.5

ScanDir 1.3.5 -- changes
+ Fix: Save Configuration setting for Suppress PopUp message(s).
+ Fix: "Error in regular expression" for Scan string *.*.
+ Fix: Misleading error message for path/filename with more than 259 chracters.
+ Fix: Incorrect "Rename" for directory names containing a "." (dot).
+ Fix: "Not Responding" during Copy/Move.
+ Fix: Incorrect message "Stopped at user request".
+ Fix: (0) appended after Rename case.
+ Fix: "Directory not accessible" after copy/move.
+ Fix: "Directory not accessible" during startup.
+ Fix: Show/Hide preview button after float/dock.

ScanDir beta 1.3.5 build 3712 -- Portable (.zip file for x86/x64)

Download and unzip to the location where you want to store ScanDir. Since this is a beta version of ScanDir, I recommend not to use your ScanDir program directory, but use a temporary directory instead! The following files will be extracted:
scandir64.exe (64-bit executable),
scandir.exe (32-bit executable),
scandir.chm (help file)


( MD5= 04655a98f7de1dd8292e903253be5a20 )
( SHA256= 030afea9543f1671ff0bd9c51abd23766471ed1391c60063cfb11202154494c8 )

ScanDir beta 1.3.5 build 3712 -- Installation (Windows installer)

A Windows installer version will be available for the final release.

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