PopUp menu's

directory Tree

- Scan: start a Scan in the selected folder.
- Refresh: refresh directory list.
- Expand all: Expand all entries under selected folder.
- Collapse all: Collapse all entries under selected folder.
- New folder: create a new directory.
- Rename: rename the selected directory.
- Delete: delete the selected directory.
- Directory to clipboard: copy the name of the selected directory to the clipboard.
- Bookmark directory: add current directory to bookmarks.
- Directory info...: display directory information.
- Drive info...: display drive information.

Item list

The Item list PopUp menu selections are documented on a separate page: Items PopUp menu
Double click an item to open the file (with the associated program) directly from the Item list.

[Scan] button
The (default) strings below can be configured in the Configuration menu under Custom Scan string 1..5
- select '*.bat *.cpp *.htm* *.ini *.log *.pas *.php* *.txt'
- select '*.jpg *.png *.bmp'
- select '*.mp3 *.wav *.wma'
- select '*.avi *.mpg *.wmv'
- select '*.doc *.xls *.ppt *.acc, *.vsd *.mpp'


- Copy Selected;
- Copy All;


- Find;
- Clear log;
- Save log;

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