STF - Skybird Test Facility for MVS SP 3.8 VTAM 2

Last update: Februari 07, 2024

STF Version-5 release-0 modification level-0


Let's go back to 1984. The company I worked for was using IBM Mainframes with 3270 terminals to run their daily business. Although TCP/IP had just been formalized, IBM still had it's own networking solution: SNA, Systems Networking Architecture. During those days I wrote a program to run network responsetime tests. MVS became MVS/XA, VTAM became ACF/VTAM and I incorporated the new feautures into my test program STF: SNA Test Facility.

And then TCP/IP, internet and cloud computing took over. 3270 terminals were replaced bij PC's, SNA disappeared and STF was no longer used. Until I discovered Hercules MVS-TK5 which enables me to run an MVS operating system on my PC. The last operational version of STF is from 1993 and was written for MVS/XA with ACF/VTAM. I kept the old assembler source code and I am now trying to get STF running under MVS-TK5. It may take some time before I finish this job because I have not been programming in assembler for more than 30 years.

General description

STF Version-5 is a downgrade of STF Version-4
- downgrade from ACT/VTAM to VTAM2
- downgrade from MVS/XA to MVS SP 3.8

When finished, STF Version-5 will run on Hercules MVS-TK5


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