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The 32-bit and 64-bit versions are combined. During installation, the windows installer will detect the PC architecture (x86 or x64) and install the appropriate version of ScanDir. The portable version of ScanDir contains both the 64-bit executable (scandir64.exe) and the 32-bit executable (scandir.exe). The Help file (scandir.chm) is the same for both 32-bit and 64-bit installations.
Important: the download starts from the following location:

The 32-bit and 64-bit installation files are combined in one executable (scandir135_install.exe) and one archive (

Windows installer
Run scandir135_install.exe to start the installation. The installer detects the operating environment (x86 or x64) and installs the corresponding ScanDir version (scandir.exe on 32-bit systems, scandir64.exe on 64-bit systems). The windows installer does NOT remove existing versions of ScanDir (if any). Use Windows Apps and Feauturesto to remove old versions of ScanDir.

The portable installation archive contains both the 32-bit (scandir.exe) and the 64-bit (scandir64.exe) programs. It is up to the user to decide which module(s) to install (extract). The Help file (scandir.chm) works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Both versions can be installed and run concurrently (on 64-bit Windows only).

At startup, ScanDir checks if scandir.ini is present in directory from which ScanDir is started. If found it will use this file to store the configuration, if scandir.ini is not found in the start-up folder, ScanDir will look for "C:\Users\{user-name}\AppData\Local\ScanDir\scandir.ini". If scandir.ini is not found there either, ScanDir will create a scandir.ini file. As an alternative, you can create an empty file named "C:\Users\{user-name}\AppData\Local\ScanDir\scandir.ini". For portable installations you may whish to keep the configuration file in the same folder as the scandir executable: create an empty scandir.ini file in the same folder where the ScanDir executable (scandir.exe or scandir64.exe) is located (and optionally rename or delete "C:\Users\{user-name}\AppData\Local\ScanDir\scandir.ini").
Please note: On 64-bit systems the ScanDir initialization file is called: scandir64.ini instead of scandir.ini.

Security warning(s)
During installation of ScanDir additional security messages may appear. The recommended response to each message is provided in RED. If you are in doubt about the correct version of the program: verify the checksum BEFORE you run scandir135_install.exe (see the bottom of this page for more information about the checksum).

Click "More info..."

Click "Run anyway" to proceed the installation.

Click "Yes" to proceed the installation.

Verify MD5 checksum
Before you install ScanDir, you can verify the checksum for scandir135_install.exe
(Version 1.3.5) MD5= 8F1A6BC6EF3282AF38C1D2F1DA83412C

Before you unzip ScanDir, you can verify the checksum for
(Version 1.3.5) MD5= 9CFEBA1EF61B8A5FCB6487C668AA41C0

More checksums are available at the Checksum

You can verify the MD5 checksum using a previous version of ScanDir. Start ScanDir and browse to your download directory, right-click the file that you would like to check and select MD5 in the context menu.

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