MD5 Checksum

You can use ScanDir to verify the MD5 checksum for one or more files. Start ScanDir and switch to the directory which contains the file(s) to be checked. Select the files in the items list for which an MD5 checksum should be calculated, right-click and choose MD5 from the context menu. The MD5 checksum(s) for the selected file(s) are displayed and can be saved to a text file or copied to the clipboard.

MD5 Checksum for ScanDir Version 1.3.5

MD5 for scandir135_install.exe = 8F1A6BC6EF3282AF38C1D2F1DA83412C
MD5 for = 9CFEBA1EF61B8A5FCB6487C668AA41C0
MD5 for scandir.exe = ABEBA026CB9003EB89DCBB0D1B366C2B
MD5 for scandir64.exe = EED68C4CB015C2DCECAE5E466A544422
MD5 for scandir.chm = 935F36375F47F803683646DA7144F4FF

MD5 Checksum for previous versions

MD5 for scandir134_install.exe = 09bf82339021b9eb57915e12ab82a9b0
MD5 for = 71eee61b24ba424d793ff73d1ff9b038
MD5 for scandir.exe = 15c32d070b511a74f3f66f230e6e9b27
MD5 for scandir64.exe = 8ce67214b0c2efb102a4aea18eaf8b51
MD5 for scandir.chm = e801e08daf466d4606bd1706cd67ca9a

MD5 for scandir133_install.exe = C67E292AB7E0B9EDBDADE576F1438E60
MD5 for = 7E6E06692E9642095D514728B20E3033
MD5 for scandir.exe = BF363677AD60A39888327D46A70203B5
MD5 for scandir64.exe = 1990EC7F28508349195BEFC19F2075F8
MD5 for scandir.chm = B5B678669A3B03BBF3FFF309ECA51ACA

MD5 for scandir132_install.exe = 43D3026B38A8DB03A11A1E86B2648ED3
MD5 for = FF80ED7B755D43BA7422B63C3C2BCCDC
MD5 for scandir.exe = A489DD42705B9354230A678695671131
MD5 for scandir64.exe = 39AACFD40829CBA8CB35E9CBCBB0F822
MD5 for scandir.chm = 6A427F731DEF66FF179263A614A3291D

MD5 for scandir131_install.exe = D116ADD7B5EBAFA4F59801290A0CD9F2
MD5 for = CBA802817B908C70FF97F67FDF07B8BE
MD5 for scandir.exe = 467A95CA021CA2D7B5155AF9C7B37742
MD5 for scandir64.exe = AFD943709E32B2EC43002CC1BA78063A
MD5 for scandir.chm = 3A6A102D344EA35584E75DBD13E4E2BB

MD5 for scandir13_install.exe = B0A1DAC2B1178D631DD756E34EFABA27
MD5 for = EFB5C4C81AC58D1312BEE8858A3E8FFA
MD5 for scandir.exe = 1B4DE72F0451E921B263CC8096389E57
MD5 for scandir64.exe = 8D29CA28FBC414DCACA7DD3E6DA0EDB8
MD5 for scandir.chm = 23A47AD4E9AE28AD9FE5B3CB6FED03F2

For more MD5 checksums see: Versions

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