Updates & fixes  
Version 1.3.5 updates
+ Fix: Save Configuration setting for Suppress PopUp message(s).
+ Fix: "Error in regular expression" for Scan string *.*.
+ Fix: Misleading error message for path/filename with more than 259 chracters.
+ Fix: Incorrect "Rename" for directory names containing a "." (dot).
+ Fix: "Not Responding" during Copy/Move.
+ Fix: Incorrect message "Stopped at user request".
+ Fix: (0) appended after Rename case.
+ Fix: "Directory not accessible" after copy/move.
+ Fix: "Directory not accessible" during startup.
+ Fix: Show/Hide preview button after float/dock.
+ Upd: Allow *.* in rename during copy/move.
+ Upd: Rename '.' into ' ' and ' ' into '-'.
+ Upd: Include attribute added to Save dialog.
+ Upd: Semicolon delimiter added to Save dialog.
+ Upd: Minor changes in the Configuration, Rename and Save screens.

Version 1.3.4 updates
+ New: Night mode themes.
+ New: Rename multiple items from the Rename pane using a template.
+ New: RegEx in Rename.
+ New: Random string in Rename.
+ Upd: Rename dialog redesign.
+ Upd: VolumeID Attrib removed (deprecated).
+ Fix: Removed 'dead' button in floating (pre)View window.
+ Fix: RegEx problem with File path/name/extension setting.
+ Fix: Negative numbers in Bytes read and Bytes written after Join.
+ Fix: Scan of sub-directories after Split/Join.
+ Fix: [Esc] or [Stop] button during Copy/Move, Delete, Rename, Attrib and Empty.
+ Fix: Newly created Directory not accessible after Copy/Move + Goto.

Version 1.3.3 updates -- This version requires at least Windows Vista
+ Added: All drives are grouped in Dir.Tree under 'This PC'.
+ Added: Set User Font restored (Configuration | Advanced).
+ Added: Select file size: Bytes/Kbytes/MBytes/GBytes.
+ Added: Additional log messages.
+ Added: Click on Filename in Information display to copy filename to clipboard.
+ Added: Configuration option to suppress PopUp message(s) during Scan.
+ Added: Attribute: update File date created.
+ Added: new command: Empty file.
+ Added: Find (Ctrl+F) in Item list.
+ Added: Invert selection.
+ Changed: Delete button moved from top to [Scan], [Dir], [Stop] buttons.
+ Fixed: Shift+U and Shift+D to move (re-order) entries in item list.
+ Fixed: USB drives did not show in Copy/Move dialog.
+ Fixed: Multiple Rename "Reply: Yes to All" messages.
+ Fixed: Source directory not deleted after "Move Directory".
+ Fixed: Process files with .jpeg extension as .jpg image.
+ Fixed: Show message (log, status bar) when folders are Skipped or Access is Denied.
+ Fixed: Rename template (skipping first character after the last '#').
+ Fixed: Copy/paste Address bar, Scan argument.

Version 1.3.2 updates -- This version runs on Windows XP
+ Added: Calculate directory size (incl. sub directories);
+ Added: Additional / more detailed log messages;
+ Added: Directory info added to File info;
+ Added: Quick Rename using Template;
+ Added: Usability enhancements;
+ Fixed: Zoom floating preview image (instead of scrolling items);
+ Fixed: Show USB drives in Drive List;
+ Fixed: Show hidden directories (starting with '.');
+ Fixed: Suppress superfluous confirmation PopUps;
+ Fixed: Create directory from root;

Previous updates
+ CRC32 added;
* Dir.Tree System and Hidden selection saved;
+ Re-arranged configuration options;
+ File locations added to Info window;
+ Enable concurrent use of 32-bit and 64-bit version for portable distribution;
+ 64-bit windows support;
+ Unicode UTF-8 support;
+ Regular Expression as search argument;
+ Log All commands (default= no);
+ Rename convention to prevent duplicate filenames changed into: filename (n).ext;
+ Select similar removed;
+ Info tab moved to new Information screen, click (i)-button to display;
+ Directory tree re-written to include system and hidden folders;
+ View and Misc Options combined under Interface;
+ Clear, Load and Save buttons for List and Skip moved to PopUp menu;
+ Start option -l added to start ScanDir with detailed logging;
+ Excl.filenames changed into Filenames (Y/N) and Incl.dir.names changed into Directories (Y/N); + Improved image support (.TIFF added);
+ Rename | (1) Edit: [Crop] options updated;
+ Rename | (2) Add: date option added;
+ Rename | (3) Number: Separator text added;
+ Delete button added to the toolbar;
+ Skip intro option added to MediaPlayer;
+ View tab moved to Preview pane (Ctrl+Alt+V);
+ Copy (preview) image (to clipboard) added;
+ Time display during audio playback;
+ Select multiple audio files for playback;
+ [Stop], [Scan] and [Dir] buttons always visible;
+ Creation date added to selection options;
+ Copy full path added to Copy/Move;
+ Add numbers during rename added to Copy/Move;
+ List with frequently used Files added;
+ Create multiple (sub) directories added;
+ Pagenumbers added to Report and List print output;
+ Mixed string and pattern search arguments;
+ Click on Preview pane to show | hide preview;
+ Customizable scan strings for [SCAN] button (PopUp menu);
+ Case sensitive String search added;
+ Support for BartPE removed;
+ Font dialog removed;

Previous fixes
+ If scandir.ini file not found, ScanDir will create one;
+ If .ini file processing is disabled, the Copy/Move dialog displays the target directory Tree;
+ Check for duplicate filename during rename;
+ Display invalid file timestamp with 0000-00-00 00:00;
+ History included in Address bar for Copy/Move dialog;
+ Problem with "Open with..." fixed;
+ Fixed problems with Create/Rename/Delete Dir;
+ Copy/move count corrected;
+ Scan for filenames without extension corrected;
+ Problem with [Cancel] button fixed;
+ Problem with suffix during Copy/Move solved;
+ Problem with installer (missing start menu shortcut) solved;
+ Rename problems with duplicate file names fixed;

About ScanDir

In 1999 the main function of ScanDir was to print a list of image files from a CD-ROM. All it could do was select all files with a .jpg extension. With the next version one could select more images, such as files with a .gif or .bmp extension. Over time additional selection options were added: filters using a selection Mask or String, file-size, file-date and file-type. Where the early versions could only print a list of selected file names, later versions of ScanDir included file management functions such as Rename, Copy, Move or Delete. The current version of ScanDir has even more filter options and includes support for Regular Expressions as a search argument.

When I started developing ScanDir (which stands for: Scan Directory) the word "directory" was the common term used to indicate a folder, whereas today the term folder is used more often. So whenever you read the word "Directory", it means the same as what many people today would call a "Folder".

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