Version 1.3.5 - Release date: Februari 21, 2023  

ScanDir version 1.3.5 is the latest stable release. ( jump to download section )

Version 1.3.5 fixes a performance issue in the copy/move dialog and addresses other known problems.

See: Installation for more information on installing ScanDir.

General description
ScanDir is a file and folder management program for desktop and laptop personal computers. It provides copy, move, rename, delete, create and modify operations on a list of selected files and/or folders. Items in the list are found using an advanced Search function.

Most functions are available through the menu (on top of the main window). Additional functions are available through pop-up menus. E.g. right-click the [SCAN] button to select from 5 user configurable Scan strings. PopUp menus are also available for: Tree, List and Skip, Items, Files and Log.

Popular functions include:
  • Search for files using a regular expression
  • Bulk rename files across multiple drives and directories
  • Add one (or more) path levels to filename(s)
  • Copy (and Rename) files, preserving their directory structure
  • Create a range of (sub)directories with auto-numbering

ScanDir 1.3.5

ScanDir 1.3.5 -- changes
+ Fix: Save Configuration setting for Suppress PopUp message(s).
+ Fix: "Error in regular expression" for Scan string *.*.
+ Fix: Misleading error message for path/filename with more than 259 chracters.
+ Fix: Incorrect "Rename" for directory names containing a "." (dot).
+ Fix: "Not Responding" during Copy/Move.
+ Fix: Incorrect message "Stopped at user request".
+ Fix: (0) appended after Rename case.
+ Fix: "Directory not accessible" after copy/move.
+ Fix: "Directory not accessible" during startup.
+ Fix: Show/Hide preview button after float/dock.
+ Upd: Allow *.* in rename during copy/move.
+ Upd: Rename '.' into ' ' and ' ' into '-'.
+ Upd: Include attribute added to Save dialog.
+ Upd: Semicolon delimiter added to Save dialog.
+ Upd: Minor changes in the Configuration, Rename and Save screens.

*IMPORTANT* Before installing, read:
Download & Installation notes
(opens in a new window)

ScanDir Portable 1.3.5 -- (.zip file for x86/x64)

Download and unzip to the location where you want to store ScanDir.
The portable version contains the 32-bit as well as the 64-bit executables. The 64-bit executable will NOT run on 32-bit systems. The following files can be extracted:
scandir64.exe (64-bit executable),
scandir.exe (32-bit executable),
scandir.chm (help file)
EULA.txt (End User License Agreement)
readme.txt (installation notes)
ReleaeNotes.txt (release notes)

DOWNLOAD portable

( , MD5= 9CFEBA1EF61B8A5FCB6487C668AA41C0 )

ScanDir 1.3.5 -- (Windows installer for x86/x64)

Download and run scandir135_install.exe to install the new version of ScanDir. Depending on the PC architecture (x86 or x64), the 32-bit or the 64-bit version will be installed.
The following files can be installed:
scandir64.exe (64-bit executable) -or- scandir.exe (32-bit executable)
scandir.chm (help file)
unins000.dat (uninstaller)
unins000.exe (uninstaller)
EULA.txt (End User License Agreement)
readme.txt (installation notes)
ReleaeNotes.txt (release notes)

DOWNLOAD installer

( scandir135_install.exe , MD5= 8F1A6BC6EF3282AF38C1D2F1DA83412C )

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Using ScanDir
To start, select the drive and folder where you would like to begin a search. Next specify one or more search arguments, indicate whether or not to include sub-directories and hit the [SCAN] button.

The results of the Scan (search) are displayed as a list of file- and/or folder names (item list). All (or selected) files and folders in the item list can be Renamed, Copied, Moved or Deleted. The current version of ScanDir also includes the ability to (pre)View text- and image files, Play media files, Open (run) program files and generate a CRC32 or MD5 checksum for selected files. CRC32 and MD5 checksums can also be used during rename, saved as a text file or copied to the clipboard. Right-click in the item list to view all available options. The entire item list can be Saved (exported) as a text file or the item list can be Printed.

The Rename function includes automatic numbering of files and folders, extend filenames with one or more path levels, add a date stamp, extend or truncate filenames, add, change or remove extensions. There are multiple ways to modify the text case. The Rename function can also be used to generate Bates numbers for a range of files. A limited Rename function is available during Copy and Move using the Copy/Move dialog.

In addition to searching one specific directory tree, ScanDir can also process a predefined (include) list of folders spanning multiple drives. A second list of directories (Skip) can be used to specify folders that should be excluded (skipped) to reduce the time required for a scan operation.

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