ScanTFS - file and folder management software for Windows PC's

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ScanTFS is a fork of ScanDir Version 1.3.3.

In ScanTFS functions from ScanDir that are rarely used have been removed to make ScanTFS easier to use and easier to maintain. Future versions of ScanTFS will focus on performance improvements. ScanDir will still be available for those who require full functionality.

The following functions (still available in ScanDir) have been removed in ScanTFS:

Join/Split files
Join/split dates from the time that data was moved around on floppy disks with limited capacity (typically 720 kB or 1.44 mB) and is considered to be no longer needed.
Sort options for Item list
Sort options for the Item list were rarely used and made internal processing slow and complicated.
File favourites
File favourites could be used to bookmark files (instead of folders) but is only usefull if files are never moved.
Directory (include) List
Directory list was implemented to allow scanning of multiple drives. Since all drives have been grouped under "This PC" this function has become (almost) obsolete.
Directory (exclude) Skip
Exclude list was implemented to skip large folders and thus speed up the scan process. However it also caused some confusion because it was not always clear that folders were skipped (and thus never scanned).
Copy and Find in preView
Possibly the entire preview functionality will be removed, Copy and Find have been removed to cleanup the interface.
Print functions
There are better ways (spreadsheet- or word processing software) to print the Item list after it has been saved to a text or CSV file.
-ns commandline option
The -ns commandline option was introduced to suppress the splash screen when ScanDir is invoked from a script file. Although the commandline version of ScanDir has been available for a few years, it has never been used (downloaded).

Functions that are new or changed in ScanTFS are:

ScanTFS supports two different Themes (skins): Dark and light (default)
A dark theme has been added to work with ScanTFS in a low light environment.
Rename multiple items from the Rename pane using a template
Simple Rename actions can now be performed directly from the main window, without the need to invoke the Rename dialog.
AutoScan button removed (AutoScan is mandatory)
Not sure if anybody ever turned AutoScan off, at least it was confusing. AutoScan was implemented to skip scanning of large directories when navigating through the (old) directory tree. With the new directory tree structure this function is no longer needed.
UTF8 selection removed (UTF8 is mandatory)
To prevent future charactyerset incompatibilities, ScanTFS always uses UTF8 encoding.

ScanTFS is still under development, a first release is planned somewhere in 2019.

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